Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crochet veges by jungjung

Oh my...I found some gorgeous crochet veges thanks to ouistitine's blog.
They are crochet art by a Japanese artist jungjung

They are so delicate I would probably frame these and hang them in the kitchen.
What a great tool to teach your kids about veges also.

Where will baby sleep

I am 7-months pregnant and I was wondering if there are others like me out there that still haven’t prepared a baby’s room at this point in their pregnancy.

Well actually I was thinking of just making space in my bedroom for the baby’s crib and items when he ( yes, it’s going to be a boy ) arrives. Let me explain:

I live in a rental and I am planning to move when the lease ends by next February 2013.

A view of our bed

So then, I thought I may as well wait and make a nice room for him when we move.
Here are a few images pinned from Pinterest.

Love the grey and white!
This image is my favorite thanks to lolalina and her post about a magazine called Gatherings by Heather Sprigs

In the mean time, the plan is to make space in our bedroom for his crib. I also made some room in one dresser that will double as a changing table.

I'm still trying to figure out where to place the crib.

I will post some picks as soon as I actually buy the stuff I need for his arrival. Yes we haven’t even done that yet though we did visit a maternity show at the end of March.

Until next time,


I'm so excited: Crate & Barrel is opening near me


I have to share my excitement about a Crate & Barrel opening soon near my home in Laval (Montreal, QC area). I haven't been to one in ages since I moved back from the U.S. in 2001. I do have access to two IKEA stores in my area but this really will put the choice for housewares to another level.

It's funny that I chose Asian inspired pieces ! 

Have a nice Easter weekend!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

There is a great new color palette application by SHERWIN WILLIAMS

I tried it and it is pretty accurate. 
If you find the colors too bold just use it as a guide by picking up the palette and using a toned down version if the color. Here are a few examples for your viewing pleasure.

My favorite paper design by A CREATIVE MINT
Expanded version of color selection from photo

I also dragged they toolbar button to chip photos directly from the net (second image).
Let me know how it works if you try it out. Have fun Chipping!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blurry photos and inspiration


I was wondering if anybody keeps blurry photos they have taken over the years. Well I do.

I came across this blog by Urban Comfort that reminded me of the unfortunate mistakes I made with my camera that finally looked kind of artsy enough to keep all this time.

Here are some of mine.
Blurry picture of me (kind of scary when I look at it)

Close up of my hair

I call this one "Swirl of fushia" My favorite

Hope you are enjoying your day.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Wallpaper by Eijfinger


It's about time I blogged about my favorite wallpaper company from the Netherlands  EIJFINGER. It is available in north America. Usually through designers like me.

I was checking out their new collections of wallpapers and I really liked the KALEIDO book of wallpapers. The collection's name is derived from the greek for "Beautiful Shapes" which are in this book.

The colors are beautiful, very modern and young.

I love several of the collections they offer and the prices are very affordable. I haven't been able to order their coordinated fabrics as of yet from my supplier here in Canada. I will soon share my favorite books from them. Until then. Take care and peace...